Paul McRae 

Corporate Strategy Consultant

Paul McRaePaul McRae is a Senior Healthcare Technology Executive who currently serves as Senior Director of Global Healthcare Programs and Strategy for ServiceNow.

Like many who have committed their career to making a difference, Paul has committed to making a difference in healthcare with technology. Coming from a family of clinicians he has been exposed to the challenges of providing care most of his life. He has seen firsthand how inefficient processes, and disconnected workflows create waste that can lead to poor patient care. Having spent the earlier part of his career running large sales organizations, he made the decision to shift from selling to creating and influencing. It is his firm belief that with the implementation of technology in the clinical setting, you can not only reduce the cost of providing care but also improve patient outcomes.

A vocal technology evangelist and business leader, he’s committed to delivering technological solutions that improve healthcare delivery quality and patient outcomes. Often called upon to build and transform organizations, Paul has a knack for creating operational efficiencies, enhancing business productivity, building market advantage, and improving healthcare delivery in ways that directly impact business performance.

Having spent his entire life around clinicians, Paul developed a passion for leading teams that deliver innovative, value-added healthcare solutions. He’s recognized as a healthcare expert, market strategist, revenue creator, and organization turnaround specialist whose expertise extends across sales, market strategy, business and channel development, account management, contract negotiation, P&L, as well as service delivery.

Paul believes that today’s healthcare leaders must embrace and adapt to a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape (through technology and sound business practices) in order to achieve the Triple Aim of improved patient care, reduced cost, and an overall healthier population.

Having over 12 years of his career dedicated to healthcare technology he brings to any organization an extensive network of healthcare technology professionals. His experience ranges VP of Healthcare Solution at AT&T, to strategy assignments with AirWatch, VMWare and ServiceNow, and AWS. See LinkedIn Profile for additional background details: (