Kwesi McDavid, M.A.


Managing Director

Kwesi McDavid is a data-driven mathematician, digital strategist and political activist. Two decades of experience in digital strategy and data analysis with corporate clients and Fortune 500 companies—including AT&T, Reuters, Nokia, DirectTV and Verizon—have refined Kwesi’s unique ability to analyze people, data, cultures and the political environment that binds these things together.

Kwesi combines his love for people and culture with mathematical precision at modeling and measuring the human experience, or user flow, as it is commonly referred to in digital circles.  Understanding culture as the defining force and fabric of organizations enables him to listen, document, and transform the way business stakeholders see and experience their data—and ultimately how they market their products and services.

Kwesi earned a BA from Cornell University’s Engineering College Program in Operations Research with a Minor in African Studies and Masters in Applied Math from CCNY.