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4alldoctors.com is a medical technology firm with a patent-pending mathematical process that transforms the way medical data is analyzed. This process makes nominal medical data quantifiable, measurable and ultimately actionable for insurers, doctors, and patients.  Our innovation enables medical data to be mathematically manipulated in ways that enable us to help assess and evaluate medical treatment outcomes. 

The model can be applied to a wide variety of platforms and industries, specifically the insurance industry. Before this process was invented, there was no easy way to analyze a repository of general medical information. There was no way for insurance companies to tell whether a doctor was being effective. 4allDoctors.com will make it easier to match services and procedures with diagnoses. This mapping can lead to a more accurate assessment of the effectiveness of medical procedures and treatments because it exponentially increases the amount of data available for complex analysis.  

A procedure or treatment code was once static information, but with this new technology, these codes are now able to tell a full story about a doctor’s effectiveness based on patient outcomes. Providing a simpler way to cull the data will make it easier for doctors to get paid and will provide usable information for insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and countless other audiences to use data in a whole new way.

4alldoctors.com has two specific products:

1) The Patent Pending Vector Mapping, which can be licensed to insurance companies and/or medical institutions.  The Vector Mapping is what facilitates the complex analysis of the claims data, enabling nominal data to be quantified and measured. This map will be in the form of software, which can also be licensed for various applications. These include: Fraud Analysis, Automated HEDIS Measure Creation, and Research.

2) Medical Trading System (MTS), which will connect doctors globally.  The MTS will provide doctors around the world with information on treatment, staffing, supplies, and training. The treatment data will be at the core of the system and enable third world doctors access to first world information.  Similar to the way commodities and currencies are traded in the financial markets, this vector mapping creates a medical trading system that will facilitate the exchange of information between doctors, and between insurance companies and doctors.

Our Vision:

We as a company are committed to improving global health care by leveraging the existing data in a collaborative and innovative way.  The Affordable Care Act is changing the way medicine is practiced. Doctors and Hospitals will now be compensated based on quality of care, not volume, as it has been in the past.  In order to effectively manage this process, the large amount of data generated by the system must be collected. However this data cannot add to the existing medical workflow or else it will increase, not decrease costs.  This is where we make a difference – our patent pending process will enable the medical world to be driven by data, this will enable personalized medicine to become a reality.  We have a vision of generating automated medical measure dashboards where doctors can quickly check on exactly what patients need in real time. This is a vision we will soon bring into reality.