4allDoctors is a medical technology company comprised of physicians and engineers who have developed a patent pending vector mapping process that will revolutionize the way existing medical data is used by healthcare providers, insurance companies, and government agencies.

We are developing several applications and also plan to offer companies the opportunity to license the patent. The first application will put medical data on autopilot  at a time when providers are struggling to quickly adapt to an ever-changing healthcare landscape. There is currently no cost-effective system to automatically measure the performance of health care providers. Our vector mapping process will fill this void.



We aim to keep the cost low by removing the need to calculate measures and allowing doctors to focus on providing care.

Our software will facilitate data driven decision making by enabling providers to measure their progress and make decisions based on automatically available data – the quality measures on which they will be evaluated.


Doctors are being compensated less on the volume of patients they see and more on the quality of care they provide for their patients.

Doctors are graded on a scale from 0 to 100 to determine the amount of their insurance reimbursement. Doctors scoring below a 50 will be penalized for providing poor service, while doctors above the 50-point threshold will be rewarded for providing high quality service.

Our software will help doctors achieve higher scores by giving them real time understanding of how well they are performing.

Whenever a doctor performs clinical care that is reimbursable by an insurance company, they submit billing codes or claims data to get compensated for their actions.

Although the data is not structured for treatment analysis, there is information hidden within the codes.

Our Vector Mapping unlocks the hidden data within these codes.

We see four major applications for the technology:

  • Automatically Calculating Quality Measures

  • Medical Fraud Analysis

  • Medical Research Applications

  • Global Medical Data Portal – The Medical Trading System