When East meets West in Medicine, Doctors and Patients Benefit

Medicine has a strong cultural component to it.  Our social backgrounds and DNA greatly determines how we interpret, utilize and react to medicine. Eastern and Western medicine focus on different ways at looking at the body.  Western medicine takes an outward-inward approach to healing, whereas Eastern medicine takes the opposite approach.  

The Medical Trading System offers an opportunity to marry the two disciplines for the benefit of all doctors and their patients, who will be the ultimate beneficiaries of this closer collaboration. 

Traditional Chinese medicine is a comprehensive system which is rooted in herbal medicine, acupuncture and other non-medication therapies. The Chinese medical system is grounded in the concept of Chi or Universal Life Energy that flows through all living things.  As with all network flows, such as rivers or traffic, blockages or irregular flow in our Chi is the core cause of physical illness, according to the principles of Eastern medicine. Chi flows through the body along specific meridians or pathways.  Acupuncture facilitates healing by focusing blood flow at key points along these meridians. The treatments have been proven to be very effective for chronic pain, physical rehabilitation, drug treatment, and many other ailments. 

Western Medicine sees body and mind as separate, while Eastern medicine sees them as linked.  However, new advances in medicine are beginning to link the two disciplines. Emotional disorders such as panic attacks have physical components, and western medicine is now looking at health from a more holistic perspective.  

The Medical Trading System offers Western doctors the opportunity to partner and learn from the Chinese Doctors on advanced therapies and non-medication based treatments. These treatments have proven to be faster and safer than many pharmaceutical medications and invasive surgeries, and can therefore become a key component to a Western doctor’s Value Based medical practice.