Personalized Medicine at our fingertips

Our Vector Model presents a paradigm shift which will lead the way for personalized medicine.  

One of the challenges of our current medical system is that the limited population data collected are applied to all individuals. These limited data come from a limited sample of patients, and individual patients may not be well represented by the patient samples we have studied. 

Managing Global Pandemics

The Zika virus is the latest in a long line of pandemics that have challenged the world’s medical systems. The Medical Trading System (MTS) can help manage these inevitable pandemics by bringing doctors together to efficiently pool resources and scientific brainpower to quickly find vaccines, medications, and prevent the spread of viruses. 

Putting Medical Data on Autopilot

When driving a car, we use data to direct our decisions. We need to know how fast we are going, how much gas we have in the tank, and whether the engine is operating properly. We get this information from the dashboard located above the steering wheel, so the driver can quickly check it at a glance while focusing on navigating the road.