Medical Trading System

Medical Trading System 

The Medical Trading System (MTS) is a free online network designed exclusively for physicians to improve global health care by facilitating the direct exchange of information between physicians worldwide. 

The MTS will facilitate the trading of information and resources similar to the way commodities and currencies are traded on the financial markets.  The MTS will also have a social network component integrated into the system.  The system is exclusively for doctors and will require secure login to ensure integrity of the data.  

The MTS will facilitate the trading of information in four key areas: 

(1) Treatment (2) Staffing, (3) Supplies and (4) Training

The system is intended to improve global health care by providing doctors around the world with historical treatment information that can be used in real time to help develop patient care solutions. 

Linking Doctors Globally

How would you like to consult with physician colleagues halfway across the globe on pressing medical issues? The MTS will enable doctors in developing world to quickly access first-world health care information. Instead of having to develop a solution to a patient care problem through the MTS, doctors worldwide will be able to quickly see how other doctors have dealt with similar situations, and benefit from ideas and most importantly diagnosis and intervention solutions.